Rejoice Apple-ians: Apple India Will Now Honor Warranties Even For The iPhones Purchased Outside India!


Okay, there can be two cases-

1. You are based out of a foreign land where the gold standard of cellular technology is the iPhone
2. iPhones aboard are cheap. Your foreign settle cousin has bought one for you. But as soon as (in both the cases) the phone enters Indian borders, it loses its warranty and becomes on its own.

But today, that’s so very old school, because according to a report by a major tech portal, Apple India will now carter warranties for iPhones which users have purchased abroad.

To make things clearer for you previously Apple only supported international warranties for products such as the MacBook, iPad, and iPod. Or you say that it just didn’t cater the iPhone for that novelty.

But now, even if consumers buy an unlocked iPhone from countries like the US, their one-year warranty claim on the device will be applicable in India. The report states that the warranty claim only applies to the factory unlocked versions of the iPhone.

It is to be noted, that carrier-locked models do not get the local warranty benefits, even if the buyer successfully unlocks them, of course, due to legal issues involved.

Previously, if one bought the iPhone from outside India, they weren’t eligible for the one year warranty on the smartphone and had to pay for repairs themselves.

This is possibly a strategic move to save Apple for a year from falling on some hollow-head. Apple has already lost it with the iPhone 8 and is betting too high to fail on iPhone X. Therefore, it was only wise to give people somewhat a reason that could now set the brand apart for the premium people are paying.

This step is a welcome step for sure. And given that iPhone X is on pre-orders now, it will further boost the company goodwill and after-sales service, resulting in more satisfied customers.