iPhone 8 Falls Flat: Apple Cuts On Production Numbers To Remain Competitive


iPhone 8 and iPhone X were ambitious projects. There is no second thought to this. Perhaps after 2 long years, Apple had tried to push the throttle even further in terms of technology.

But surprisingly the company is now facing somehow totally opposite results of what was about to happen.

To support this unfortunate incident, the American mobile major (with whom Apple has a contractual partnership for iPhones) AT&T said their third-quarter handset upgrades were down by 900,000 units compared to the last year.

They however added, that this is still the first time iPhone production has been reduced so early in the product lifecycle.

And as far the scope extends, they are two key reasons for why iPhone 8 sales have been sluggish:

The first is that consumers don’t see a big of enough difference from the previous generation iPhone 7 to warrant an upgrade.
The other is that more customers than expected are holding off until they are able to extend their budget to go for the iPhone X instead.

According to a carrier store survey, the one-year-old iPhone 7 is currently outselling the iPhone 8.

But what majorly concern s Apple is fall of its flagship. Which directly affects its market goodwill, flagship dominance and developers’ future retention.

The number is, however, not exact indicators of Apple’s financial lackings as the company still racks huge moollah over the higher capacity handsets like those with more than 64 GB of storage.

But to maintain the cost-to-profit ratio, Apple has reduced the iPhone 8 products by a significant 5% and has gone aggressive in developing countries like India, where people haven’t been yet boycott-ish about the iPhone 8.

Also in countries like India, going for a $999 handset is not the common case as the price literally translates into a value of (if not over) then near close to a lakh.

But iPhone 8’s fall, Apple might just get a hint that how important it is now for them to start innovating again, rather than simply catching up with the game.