The Best Value For Money Choices You Have When Buying A New Apple iPhone In 2017


iPhones are not cheap. And this isn’t a news. In fact, to some, they might seem overpriced or unaffordable.

Though if you want an Apple anyway (which is something we do not judge at all) to make life simpler, you need to settle at something. And that something must be that thing which can provide you the maximum bang for your buck.

Therefore, here are the best value for money and smartest choices you have in hand right now in 2017 when selecting an iPhone:

iPhone 7 32 GB

Price Bracket- INR 40000 – INR 70000

After the launch of its latest breed, the last year’s iPhone 7 has dropped down to a retail price of INR 40,000. Now with that, you get a water-resistant revamped handset with A10 fusion chipset, 2GB of RAM, a 12MP 4K rear camera and a 7 MP front facing the camera with 32GB of onboard storage.

Apple iPhone 7 was dubbed as the best iPhone upgrade ever after the 5s and is truly so. Moreover, unlike most of its other models, it is still not outdated, given that it was only the last year’s flagship. Also, since the handset remains the second latest in the entire line up, it is set to survive plenty of years further in terms of future updates.

Note: It is better to buy an iPhone 7 than a 7Plus or an 8 because of its retail price. Where on one side it costs 40k already, adding more than 15k for just a bigger screen, AR integration and a dual rear camera is not a smart choice for sure.

Color: Matte Black looks the best in our opinions.

iPhone SE 32 GB

Price Bracket- INR 15000 – INR 20000

Yes! The pocket rocket SE. The 4-inch wide handset features a 12 MP rear camera, the A9 chipset and 2GB of RAM borrowed directly from the 6s.

Also, it has the form factor of the legendary 5s which by many Apple loyalists is considered to be the most beautiful and most original iPhone design ever.

Note: Nothing comes even close when it is about features v price to SE. If you can live with a relatively older phone with smaller screen size, no waterproofing, no 3-D touch, an inferior front camera, and lack of a barometer, SE has plenty to offer than what it has not to. Moreover, the closest siblings being 5s and 6, the former being ancient and the latter being remarkably less on performance than the SE.

Color: Rose Gold is the only color that sets an SE distinct from a 5s in terms of looks and first impressions.

iPhone 6s 32 GB

Price Bracket- INR 25000 – INR 39000

The iPhone 6s is as old as SE but does carter a better front facing camera, slimmer design, 3-D touch, barometer and a bigger screen.

It retails at a price of INR 30000 which is perhaps a mouth-watering price tag to own another older Apple flagship device.

Note: It is better to buy a 6s than to have a 6 since there is just an additional 5k in between a much more powerful device, a 12 MP 4K camera/ a 5 MP front camera, an equally or even stronger display and an added gig of RAM to handle your multitasking.

Color: We like the Gold, but its a personal choice here as no other specific or distinctive reason is there really for not choosing any other color for the 6s.

iPhone X 128 GB

Price Bracket- INR 70000 – INR 100000+

If you really have more than INR 70000 to spend on a smartphone, add a little more weight to your budget and go for the Apple latest and greatest iPhone yet, the iPhone X.

This device is futuristic given that for the first time it has a full body display with no home button, an A 11 Bionic chipset with facial recognition with the dual camera set up and extremely elegant design that oozes nothing but luxury.

Note: It is better to opt for an X than 8 because:

1. It is a limited edition handset.

2. If you already have so much of money at disposal, why spent it on a handset that is merely an extension of its older generation?

Rather by adding some money and time, you get an insanely advanced handset that promises everything that has to be new and is new about the Apple’s future endeavors about its smartphones.

Color: Go for Space Grey. Looks elegant and powerful, which is in fact the one line statement for the very nature of iPhone X.