Meet Reshma Khan, A 21-Year-Old Acid Attack Survivor!


Nowadays, in India rape and acid-attacks, are reported every other day in the national media. But, let alone save the grace- the UK is no less torturing regarding women safety. Recently, a 21-year-old British woman, Resham Khan, who was completing her Business Studies in London and was attacked with acid on June 21 (which was her 21st birthday), has shared the first pictures of her recovery to celebrate Eid.

When the incident happened, she was on a morning drive in the city with her 37-year-old cousin Jameel Muhktar.

They were waiting at the traffic light when the attacker threw acid at them from the car window. The attacker was a 25-year-old man called John Tomlin and has been arrested.

Khan started writing blogs after this life-shattering attack to share live updates about her case, her gruesome experience, and her path to redemption. She describes the day as ‘the worst birthday ever!’, which we as well cannot discard or disagree. She further adds:

I saw my clothes burning right in front of me.

Khan’s classmate, Daniel Mann, came to her rescue who later also wrote issues on the crowd sourcing website Go Fund Me to accumulate money for Resham’s treatment:

They ran out of the car, stripped off on the motorway, ran around flagging people down pleading for water naked. After 45 minutes on the motorway waiting for emergency services, a passing driver gave them a lift to the local hospital. They ran through the hospital naked screaming.

Resham’s mental state was found to be fluctuating and she went through a stage of enormous trauma that shook her life upside down. We can only imagine the pain she has gone through and all due to one animal in the skin of a nasty human who dared to throw acid at her face and ruin her normal life for once and forever!

Every time when Reshma saw her scars and acid-burns, it made her recall the entire incident all over again and coping with that was an excruciating experience.

The acid attack left my skin so wrinkled and tight that I was unable to close my eyes and open my mouth properly. It was beyond what I could ever endure. At one point, I wanted to die.

Her cousin also suffered serious injuries across the body from the attack, leaving his right eye permanently damaged.

But now Khan considers the acid attack to be encouraging-

If everything happens for a reason, then surely one of the reasons this happened to me was so that I could take this opportunity to make sure something positive came from such a traumatic and vicious attack.

I keep treating the scars, I’m hoping I’ll be back to the old me soon. This attack, however, has opened my eyes to a bigger picture- that doesn’t matter what, life is all about moving on and keep fighting.

And now, after all that has happened to her, and what she has been through, we can only pray for the best of everything in life that this brave girl truly deserves.