Imran Khan Calls An emergency Meeting With Its Minister And Officials Of Armed Forces


After the surgical strike by the Indian Air Force (IAF)on Pakistan, the National Security Committee of Pakistan held a meeting directed by Pakistan PM Imran Khan. In the meeting, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan commanded his citizens and armed forces to “be alert for all sorts of circumstances”. After the terrorist attack in Pulwama by Pakistan terrorist organization Jaish e Mohammad, India has fought back by bombing the terrorist campsites by a lethal air strike. This Airstrike has killed around 300 terrorists of Jaish e Mohommad.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of Pakistan Government along with the Army Chief Kamar Javed Bajwa and other high officials. The faces of these political figures were very sad looking. Even the face of Imran Khan’s face was describing how much disturbed he is after the attack. Even in the parliament of Pakistan, the party of Imran Khan had to face protest of opposing parties and called him a shame for the country.

In this fatal air strike by India, the brother-in-law of Masood Azhar Joseph Azhar has also been killed. He was assumed to be running the terrorist camps. The Indian Air Force took help of 12 Mirage Fighter aircraft to carry out this great bombing operation. Not only this, but almost about 1000 kg of bombs were rained heavily across the Line of Control (LoC) in the Kashmir region.

Earlier, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also held an emergency meeting with officials in the Pakistan Foreign Ministry. After this massive attack by IAF, there has been a horrific situation in Pakistan. Hurriedly, Prime Minister Imran Khan called an Emergency meeting with high officials of government to discuss this matter.

In the meeting, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan stated that ‘people of Pakistan need to be alert now.’ The citizens of Pakistan and the security forces are alerted and will be able to answer the attack in any part of the country. “Qureshi added’Pakistan knows how to protect itself and won’t stand back. According to him, “We are a responsible nation and will have to move forward with great responsibility, intelligence, and patience.” At present, he is reporting each and every step taken by India to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In a tweet made by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, it has been said that Imran Khan has instructed all the national powers including the common citizen of Pakistan and the military forces to be ready for all the circumstances. However, India is planning a few more brave steps to completely isolate Pakistan.