How to make a girl laugh in the first date and floor her with humour


You may not be a guy with sense of humour but there must be a funny side of you as that is the main attraction point for women. There are several women who don’t bother what car you have or how many credit cards you hold. As long as you are making her laugh and making her forget about her temporary woes, she is going to believe that you are a keeper.

So now if you are going for a date with the woman you like and wish to floor her with your charms, their is no better way to do it with your humour.

Here are 5 easy ways to make her laugh during date night:

Work on Your Timing

When you are throwing a humour you need to work on your comic timings. At times humours don’t work when the timings of the humour and it’s delivery is bad. A lot of comedians work on perfecting their comic timings. If the timing is right the joke automatically becomes funny.

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Keep Some Jokes Handy

It is always safe to keep some jokes handy, only if you run out of funny content. Think of some funniest jokes you have heard of and every time you run out things to say just lay one on her. She will love the fact that you know the right time to tell a joke.

Play a Fun Game

You can play various games to get to know each other in a better way while making each other laugh. The games can be funny and fun all at once. For instance you can start with ‘never have I Ever’. It’s a drinking game where you say something atrocious you’ve done and if she’s done the same thing too, you both drink to that. It’s simple, hilarious and lots of fun and of course it’s a great way to know your dates deepest darkest secrets.

Narrate Funny Incidents

This one is an easy one. I am sure you have gone through life with a lot of hilarity, mostly from obscure and funny incidents every now and then, I’m sure you have been embarrassed of them too. Narrate them to her on your date. Remember the more embarrassing the incident the funnier it sounds! Have a couple of them ready and tell it in a funny manner.

The next time you are out on a date with someone you really dig maybe make do with some humour? It always comes in handy!