Apple’s HR Plans To Roll-Out 4000 Jobs Exclusively For Indians And Bring Back Billions In Its Overseas Cash!


Apple is on a ferry ride to strengthen it HR by developing newer opportunities and recently the company has rolled out two-phase arguments (one for India and another for the US) regarding its 201 HR feed roll-out.

An Apple official has declared that the company is developing features targeted at Indian users, including maps and other products.

As per a PTI report, the insider tipped that the new project will create over 4000 jobs in the country and the company’s team in Hyderabad is focused on developing maps for Apple products.

The Apple employee said-

We began initial production of iPhone SE in May 2017 and couldn’t be happier with the progress our teams are making. Within the next six months, we plan to run our business in India on 100 percent renewable energy, we’re expanding and developing features for Indian customers including support for Hindi dictation and new language keyboards on iOS 11, support for local traffic in maps and up-to-date cricket scores and stats by simply asking Siri

Apple inaugurated its first developer centre in Bangalore last year. As per the report, almost 100,000 apps have been created by Indian app developers, which is an increase of 57 percent in 2016.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also made a special mention of how rapidly 4G network investment began rolling out during the last quarter in India.

They’re moving at a speed that I have not seen in any other country in the world once they were started, and it is truly impressive

-he said.

In its own country US as well, Apple has delivered some pretty candy-ish news regarding its HR strengthening lately-

Apple on Wednesday formally announced plans to open a new campus this year as part of an effort to hire 20,000 new workers over the next five years.

The company said in a statement:

We would establish an Apple campus in a new location, which we would announce later in the year, that will initially house technical support for customers.

Apple declined to give more information on the location of the new campus. Apple says it is building a separate new facility in Reno, Nevada.

Apple also says it will make a direct contribution of more than $350 billion to the US economy over the next five years through making new investments and purchasing materials from American companies. Apple said it estimates it will spend $55 billion this year with American suppliers and manufacturers, with payments to over 9,000 companies.

Apple said in the announcement that expects a tax bill of about $38 billion in repatriation tax payments because of changes from the new tax law.

With the new repatriation tax rate of 15.5%, that means Apple would repatriate $245 billion, or nearly all of its overseas cash, CNBC estimated. Apple declined to comment on CNBC’s math.

Apple invests and purchases parts from American companies with its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, which has given money to Finisar, a laser company, and Corning, which makes the hardened glass that iPhones use.

The silicon valley tech titan also said on Wednesday that its fund had increased to $5 billion from $1 billion.