A Rollable Tablet That Fits In Your Pocket


The scientists by taking an inspiration from the ancient scrolls for creating a modern day device have developed a roll-able touch screen tablet. The device is known as the MagicScroll which encompasses a high resolution flexible display which can be either rolled or unrolled around the central and the 3D printed cylindrical body which contains the computerized the inner workings of the device.


The two rotary wheels at one or the other end of the cylinder allows the user for scrolling through information on the touch screen. Whenever the user narrows in one of the interesting piece of the content which they would like to examine it more deeply, the display can be easily unrolled and the function as a tablet display.

It is light in weight and is cylindrical in shape which makes it easier for holding it in one hand than the traditional tablet. Whenever it is rolled up, it fits your pocket and can also be used as a phone or any dictation device or any other pointing device.

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We were inspired by the design of ancient scrolls because their form allows for a more natural, uninterrupted experience of long visual timelines,” said Roel Vertegaal, a professor at the Queen’s University in Canada.

The scroll wheels of the MagicScroll allows for the infinite scroll actions for quick browsing through the long lists.

The rotary wheels of the device also contains robotic actuators those allow physical move or spinning in place in different scenarios.

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