8 things toxic people do within 5 minutes of meeting someone


With millions of people on the planet, we no wonder run into one another for some or the other thing. At times people do something which disturbs us and we run on to them as we couldn’t stand them or sometimes it can even be our fault. We might be wrong sometimes.

People who are toxic have a knack for making others look or feel toxic. Therefore it’s necessary to keep an eye on such people.

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Here are ways to find out if a person is toxic or not:-

They won’t make you feel good-

Toxic people are exhausting to be around and they can make the other person feel shit about themselves. If you ever feel that you are led down by someone or you are feeling shitty around someone, either directly or indirectly find someone else to talk to. Remember such people ain’t going to change and ain’t going to apologise for their deeds.

They have zero interest in your concerns or worries-

They will engage in conversations with you but they would never ask you about you or about your life. They won’t care when you are supposed to care about your parents or your sick kids. They surely won’t bother about what is good for you or what is bad.

They expect you to please them-

These kind of people are very self-Centred. They would want everyone around them to follow what they say and should bow in front of them. Also, that people should always work towards making them happy.

They make you feel defensive about your own life or work-

They would say things about your work and then that will make you feel bad about yourself. Firstly such people should be avoided and secondly, you should do what you want and is needed.

They boast about their accomplishments-

On one side it’s perfect to speak about self but on the other side, it is not a good thing to blabber about self when you meet someone for the first time.

People who generally do this are probably compensating for their shortcomings and don’t want you to know those.

They expect special treatment-

Such people believe that Everyone should leave their jobs and make them feel special. They would ask for your time when it won’t be convenient for you. They will consider their lives as the more important ones.

They complain continuously-

Toxic people are really negative and it’s tough to believe that they can ever do anything in life. As they complain about every little thing.

They Badmouth others

If you feel you are surrounded by someone who has badmouthed someone then you should walk off and maintain distance.

They would always have something or the other to say to you. Therefore it’s better you maintain distance with such people.

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