Learn the easiest ways to get rid of your negative thoughts


As a social psychologist Alison Ledgerwood always used to wonder why human mind always swayed to the negative side of the coin. When her paper got rejected she was thinking of it rather than thinking of the other paper which got selected. Have you ever wondered why negative things get stuck in our minds and don’t leave? And also when we have achieved success.

To cure this she decided to Conduct a study and here is what she studied.

The Experiment:

In one of the experiments she told participants about the new surgical procedure. The first group was told about the procedure in terms of gains and other group was told in terms of losses. The gains group liked the procedure a lot of more.

The first group was told that the rate of failure was 30% and they didn’t like the odds. The second group was told that the rate of success was 70% but they still didn’t like the procedure. It was noticed that they were still noticing the negative aspect of the study.

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Hence this proves that a negative thought always overtakes the positive thought. So here is what Alison advises to get rid of your negative thoughts.

Make a Daily Journal:-

One of the researches done by UC Davis proved that if a person writes a few minutes every day about the things which you feel grateful about might help you boost up your wellbeing and happiness.

Start by writing 3 things daily in a row and you will notice how the list grows big. It can be anything, you may be grateful about the air you breathe, the people you meet or the work you do, anything it can be.


Someone can speak rude to you or backstab you which is not under your control, but you are not suppose to ruin your mood. At that moment you can show a better side of you by giving out a normal reaction which would make you feel light and not angry. You can forgive them and move on. This is how you wont feel stuck into negativity and would also feel better about yourself.