28 People Injured In Grenade Attack at Jammu Bus Stand


Once again a major terror attack in Jammu took place today which shook the people. According to the locals and Jammu police, a hand grenade was tossed at a bus standing on the bus stand in Jammu, after which there was a huge explosion. Around more than 25 people have been injured in this horrific attack. Two people are reported to be in critical condition. The blast took place at around 11.30 AM, the injured people were rushed to Jammu Medical College. Jammu-Kashmir Police’s IGP Chinese grenade has confirmed that this attack has been done by a grenade. Taking a strict action, Jammu Police have arrested around 10 people.

On receiving the news of the blast, the Jammu-Kashmir Police reached the spot and surrounded the whole area. The place where this explosion took place was a crowded area. In such a situation, the police are immediately evacuating people from there. Not just the bus stand but the security of the entire city has been increased. Police are now investigating CCTV footage of this attack. This is the second most major attack after the Pulwama attack which took place on 14th February.

According to the report, a Chinese grenade has been used in this terrorist attack. It is being told that earlier this area has been on the target of terrorists. According to other reports, the initial investigation revealed that the purpose of this blast was to create communal tension. In such a situation, the administration has warned not to pay attention to rumors. The police and politicians have appealed to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to maintain peace. The grenade explosion was so strong that many nearby buses were also damaged. Till now no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this attack. The situation of Jammu and Kashmir is very critical right now even after such high security after Pulwama attack.

On December 29, 2018, terrorists also targeted this bus stand. At that time the terrorists threw grenades on the bus stand and fled. Luckily no casualties took place at that time. Though the big question arises is that there is a police station near the bus station still, the terrorists have succeeded in this attack.

The sources said that the attacker had brought a grenade in the pocket, which was thrown under the bus and the attacker escaped safely. After the grenade blast on the Jammu bus stand, the security forces surrounded the entire area. The search operation is taking place on the whole area and is being investigated by Dog Squad.