12 Suspected Terrorists Working For Jaish-e-Mohammad Arrested In Deoband, UP


After the horrific terrorist attack in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir, several Indian intelligence agencies have feared terror attacks in many places in the country. After this, there was a blast in the toilet of a train near Kanpur on the night of February 20, from where a letter from Jaish-e-Mohammad was also found. At the same time, a small bomb was found on a bus in Raigarh in Maharashtra. Therefore in order to overcome it, intelligence agencies are working hard to catch these anti-national ailments.

It is necessary to tell you that around 40 CRPF soldiers were martyred in this terrorist attack and terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad of Pakistan was held responsible for it. After this incident, the security forces have become stricter and several arrests have been made till now including the anti-national elements spreading hate on social media.

Now UP ATS has got a big achievement and has arrested 12 people, including two suspected terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammad from a hostel running in Deoband, UP. These 12 people include 2 Kashmiri and 5 students hailing from Orissa. Everyone is being interrogated separately and taken into custody. The items discovered from the suspects are also being investigated and further investigations will be done. These people used to brainwash people and used to make them terrorist.

UP DGP OP Singh told during a press conference that two terrorists belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammed were arrested from Deoband region of Saharanpur. Their names are Shahnawaz Kulgam and Aakib Ahmed Malik. Shahnawaz Kulgam and Aakib Ahmed belong to Pulwama. Both of them were living in Saharanpur for the purpose of recruiting youth in this terrorist organization and have even sent people into it. 32 hand pistols and around 30 cartridges have been recovered from them.

Also, the police have recovered lots of photographs and videos of Jihadi chats. Shahnawaz is said to be a grenade and tech expert. These both terrorists will be bestowed in the Lucknow court on transit remand.

According to the information, on Thursday night at around 2 Am, UP STF detained about 12 people, including some students and shopkeeper in Deoband. This raid took place near the Nazrul floor near Khanqah, Deoband. However, in this case, no police officer is ready to say anything. Shahnawaz resides from Kulgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. According to the information, he was recruiting terrorists for the terrorist organization of Jaish-e-Mohammad. Also, he was claimed to be studying in Deoband for a long time without any proper documentation.