Zoho to open data centres in Mumbai & Chennai as India business sees spike


A software company Zoho revealed their plan of opening two data centres in India one each in Chennai and Mumbai. It also said that the first data centre will go live by 15th August i.e. on the independence day and will meet the needs of the Indian users who have registered through zoho.in.


Mumbai will be the largest data centre for us in terms of traffic. By the year-end we will have more traffic from India compared to the US,” said the CEO of Zoho Corp, Mr. Sridhar Vembu. The company’s move to have local data centres comes at a time when a debate is raging on localization of data and what needs to be stored within the geographical boundaries of the country.

Regulatory regime is changing across the world and now you would probably need data centres in different countries. I think in 2-3 years we may have as many as 20 centres across the world,” he said. At present, Zoho has six data centres, with Mumbai being the seventh followed by Chennai.

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Zoho One, the operating system for businesses has also completed a year in the existence and Vembu added that this is a testament of the digital transformation which is sweeping through the country. “Today, 36% of our paid Zoho One users are from India. In fact 17 out of the top 30 of our customers are from India. We want to win here and are investing heavily in marketing and support to win this battle,” he aforesaid.

The biggest market for Zoho is US, but a strong acceptance in India also predicts well for the company.  All over the world, if you count for the Zoho One’s paying customers they will count up to approximately 12,0000 organizations. Vembu also added that the company is expecting a majority of its revenue, in the upcoming two years, to flow from Zoho One. To make Zoho One more appealing, the company has also unveiled a slew of new products and new features.

Recent features 
The first is the new Zoho One Analytics tab which provides analytics across the Zoho’s suite of business apps. The business owners, the CXOs and the managers can now track the KPIs and the trends from one tab, thereby helping them to make more informed decisions. Users can also create their own custom reports and the dashboards to blend data from different business applications and also do cross-functional analytics.


On an average, the knowledge workers spend up to 30% of their workday searching for the information, according to an IDC research paper. Zoho One gets a new Zia Search which lets the users search across all their Zoho applications instantly, improving the information access within the organization.

Zoho One is available for Rs 1,000 per employee per month. Businesses must purchase a license for every employee in their organization to get this pricing. Zoho One is currently available worldwide, in multiple languages. Users can sign up for a 30-day trial version of Zoho One.

Zoho has also come up with Zoho One mobile app, Zoho Concierge, and Zoho Backstage that also allows the user to plan and run an event and has everything from the website builder, a mass emailing solution, and scanners, for checking in attendees to a stand-alone app for audience engagement.

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