Working Women’s Guide on How to Dress up For the Rainy Season


Going to work in an extreme weather is just too difficult to let alone dressing up for it. Indian monsoons may be infrequent every day in different locations however you cannot escape the dampness for four months. In most of the workplaces, you have to be present and expected in the most professional look from hell or high waters.

Your career might not depend on your wardrobe, however, your appearance has the potential to either enhance or take it downhill. The basics are that you shouldn’t ever wear bodycon or flip flops at your corporate office.

With this in mind here’s how working women can dress up practically for the rainy season for work.

Wear dresses

When you have Monday blues or mornings where you just cannot decide what to wear dress becomes your life saver. A print or shift dress can any day make you look elegant or sharp. There’s absolutely no fuss, hits your style scores high yet maintains the formal look.

Go for bright colors for meetings

If you can wear colors in your office then go all out in this weather. You can choose from rich hues such as of mustard or burgundy. Perhaps forest greens for a more sophisticated and work appropriate look.

Ideal time for cropped trousers

It is absolutely impractical to step out on bottoms that go longer than your ankles in heavy downpours. Wear cropped formal trousers which not just a smart choice for a rainy season outfit but gives you the corporate smart look as well. You can invest in fabrics with poly blends to help the clothing to dry quickly.

Bring out your midi skirts or invest in some

Invest in some midi skirts and focus on your skirt length. To nail the corporate chic attire a midi length is the ideal one. You can go for textures and prints instead of the regular monotone skirt.

Add a jacket to your look

A smart jacket adds the touch of sharpness you need to complete the work outfit. Blazers or sleeveless coats can bring definition to your outfit especially when wearing dresses in monsoon. At the same time if it gets chilly the layers will help you stay warm.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)