These Women Rock Tuxedo Better Than Men And You Should Check out How Well


Men can don a tuxedo and instantly appear like a million bucks but it turns out that these women are doing just better. Androgyny helps beautifully blend the style of men and women and so these celebrity ladies know how to slay this gender-bending look.

Let’s take a look at these amazingly styled women rocking the tuxedo.

Sonam Kapoor

She is known to slay many looks and is popular for her fashionista characteristics more than any other actresses. She channels her androgyny by elegantly wearing this tuxedo which she looks super stylish in.

Anushka Sharma

She has the most girl next door kind of look which is why she kills every role she plays like no other. Here is how she slays wearing a tuxedo understanding her body type and wearing pieces accordingly. Guys can take notes!

Emma Watson

This beauty can be dressed in anything and we all will fall for her looks. The way she sports the tuxedo is the edgiest and classic and the pieces just flatter her whole body.

Angelina Jolie

Look at her dressed as iconic and nailing the tuxedo ensemble. This is the time when Brangelina wore similar tuxedos but the world had their eyes only on Angelina Jolie on the red carpet.

Anne Hathway

She lights up the room wearing an amazingly manly suit that no one could wear better. This is the time when James Franco and she swapped the dress codes at the 2012 Oscars while hosting the show.

Kareena Kapoor

She rocks this pinstripe tuxedo rather elegantly than anyone else. She clearly knows how to wear a suit and balance the outfit for a more chic look.

Ellen Degeneres

The list would be incomplete without mentioning Ellen Degeneres. She is just made for wearing tuxes and all would agree! She is the coolest among others to kill the tuxedo attire.

(Photo Credit: telegraph, biscoot, Pinterest, butterboom, bollywoodbubble, bollywoodpapa)