Women Reveal That One Grooming Mistake That Men Make That Turn Them off Instantly


Grooming has become an integral part of a man’s life. It has become a necessity now and men have turned more aware of style and fashion. However there still some who fail in this part. According to some women, there are some grossest grooming mistakes that men make that totally turn them off.

Don’t grow a mustache if you cant grow one. A perfectly shaven look is cool and if you have a good amount of facial hair then grooming is essential. But when you make a pattern out of your facial hair like Jafar, that’s when a woman runs off even before you could say hi.

Fingernails should be cut short and cleaned. Yes, women notice it and if you have fingernails as long as them, goodbye!

Always wear clean socks because oh my god it would stink if you plan on removing your shoes.

Heard of a nose trimmer? Start using it. When your girl comes close she is going to notice all those nasal hair and surely feel turned off.

Manscape your body hair you don’t need to shave them or wax them just trim them often.

Make sure your sheets are always clean, not really something to do with grooming but it is very important as we are talking about what turns off women. And dank sheets definitely will. It is a good hygiene habit and especially if you suffer from back acne.

Ashamed of using a lip balm? Maybe exfoliate your lip every night at least you won’t turn off your woman’s mood with those grossly hanging dead skin on your lips.

Maybe shave your pubic hair for her, for more hygiene reasons than just grooming.

Greasy and wet hair grosses women out, so skip applying too much of your hair gel.

Neckbeards aren’t a thing, right? Because she totally hates it! The grains on your neck poking her while hugging obviously would give you minus points.

Also, women hate beard’s sculpted into fancy or crazy shaped. Style your facial beard don’t sculpt things out of them.

(Photo credit: Giphy)