Women Expect Men to Know These Footwear Tips


Women love to have different shoes for her different outfits. But men think of shoes as a thing that just costs a lot that is mere footwear that is to be stepped in and walked around wearing. And so men hardly pay any attention to what they wear on their feet. But guys forget that you are highly judged according to what you wear on your feet. Your footwear speaks a lot about your personality and displays your attention to details.

Here are tips women expect men to know about footwear.

Cover those toes

Never go for sandals over sneakers or loafers. Even if you are getting pedicures toes are just not the best parts to look at of a man’s body.

Avoid wearing the white socks

Skip the tubular boring white socks instead go for quirky prints and block bold colors that are very much in trend. Learn to experiment.

Brown suede makes things right

Brown suedes are the best bet when you want to take things up a notch from trainers and down a notch from black brogues which can be worn in an office setting. They spice up even the most boring outfits.

Avoid wearing your favorite pair for ages

Change is the only constant, so keep changing your shoes. Don’t find a favorite pair and just wear the hell out of it. Change your footwear every 6 to 7 months. You will be spoiled by the number of options you get for a classy pair of shoes. There are different colors, shape, shape size and type.

Match your shoes and belt

This rule is age-old and should be followed strictly. Black shoes should be teamed with a black belt. If you want to wear tan shoes then go for the tan belt. This rule makes you look stylish and sophisticated. Women love such attention to detail too.