How Women Can Wear Red and Slay


From the runways to the streets, women are slaying with the red hue. However, just like any other bold trend putting together the right shade will need some practice and knowledge. So before you just randomly go on picking every piece of ruby, candy apple shade out of the store here is a guide to wear red the proper way and slay the bold look.

Flushed with it

The fashionista who is daring with clothes will love the red hue from head to toe. It may be a little too bold but it is very stylish. So here is the time for your red pants, blazer, and top with shoes to shine. There are many ways to pull this look but you can consider going for a bottom and jacket that has a matching shade. Then you can mix it up with a top that is a lighter shade.

Or just the Bottoms

So maybe the overall red look just scared you. Perhaps you are not quite ready for it. So let’s just focus on legs instead!  A pair of this bright colored pants or skirt also has the ability to give you a statement look. The outfit should have a main focus on your leg and hence you need to balance it out. For instance, red midi skirt with a plain white tee or red pants with a white tee and denim jacket can give you a seriously chic look.

Red coats and jackets

For the chilly days, you can rock your look with a red coat or jacket. This addition to your outfit instantly creates a drama and style for an impressive façade. You have a number of options from the trench coat, cape, leather jacket or blazer to make the looking eye-catching. Be sure to keep the rest of the outfit pieces minimal and subdued. Pair your favorite black pants or a plain black jumpsuit with the jacket or blazer to do the trick.

With pink

This hue is always associated with being intense and dramatic but it also creates a romantic and chic look. For a feminine and flirty aesthetic pair your favorite red pieces with your favorite pink ones. The combination is very complimentary for an instant fashionable look. Most don’t agree with the combination but the look will make you agree. Try out yourself with a pastel pink skirt with the bright red top.

With denim

For the casual look if you are trying to do something interesting then consider adding this hue. All you need to do is select the item to pair with the fiery hue. Consider gingham shirt in the vibrant color with a denim jacket. Or add a red jacket to your basic and casual black tee and denim for the ultimate killer look.

With leather

This combination is the perfect one for a bold and sexy look. It is so intense and edgy to be wearing the tough fabric of leather with a bright hue. When you are having a day you wish to show off your attitude pick a leather black jacket to be layered over red tee or shirt or even dress or pants. It can be ideal for evening events.

Red sweaters

This fiery hue sweater/jumper is very much on trend and in the chilly days you can pull up a hot look. This look should be styled with relaxed elegance. You can pair it with white pants or nude shade pants for a glamorous look.

Red accessories

If you are someone who likes a minimal color palette for your outfits, you can still catch up with this trend. If you don’t wish to rock an outfit with red hue then opt for accessories in this color instead. With the most subdued clothing, this fiery bold hue accessory can make a statement without being too flashy. Keep the outfit neutral and add one to two accessory of this bold color.

(Photo credit: dailymail astairwaytofashion dailymail Pinterest, wheretoget, ginghamandsparkle)