Why the Phrase “Do what you Love” is easier said than Done


Thinking of something what you love doing is a bit complicated. In some ways it is no time simpler than finding your life partner. The answer to both the things are almost similar . Love happens and it happens because no body can define it in a line or even in a book. If they are able to define it then they would be able to solve this mystery.

What should be done

If it is just defined to happen what can we do? How will we ever find out what we actually live doing? Well, here are two ways:

1. At times you feel you should do something and then you should go ahead. That thing which gives peace, satisfaction and gives a soothing feeling. It is something on which your existence your life depends on and that is what you are born for. If some day this feeling knocks, do not ignore it and let it fade.

2. As human beings you are not made to sit until you get all the answers to your questions. This option gives you a better control. At times you should sit back and think what you used to like the most in your childhood days or something you were naturally good at. Something which came to you without asking it for or without learning, that dint need to work hard at. You just have to sit back and observe the pattern and then take action.

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And then you can try your hand on what you like doing the most. Only a bit of hard work will take you a long way and you will find yourself enjoying the work.

Firstly their are two important things you need care about:-

1. You might get attracted to something and you might feel attracted towards some kind of lifestyle but take a pause and think if its worth? Is it draining your energy? If yes then change your habits and be true to yourself.

2. If you have discovered your interests and what you love doing, then you should put in all your efforts because if you want good results you will have to hit the rod when the iron is hot. Remember you might not get this opportunity again.

You might fear something or you might also be afraid of not getting enough money. But once you start to believe in yourself you will definitely reach your goals some day or the other. So do it now.

Also don’t be over practical, one should take risks at times. Taking risks will take you a long way. At the age of 20-40 you will have to put in all your hard work so as to making your life smoother with growing age.

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