Whatsapp Messages Not Encrypted On Google Drive


WhatsApp is all set for undergoing a big change. Aback, it was reported that the facebook owned a chat company which has partnered with Google and starting November 12 all the chat backups would no longer be counted against the Google data storage. WhatsApp has even notified about the same on the website and even has stated that all the chat backups those haven’t been updated in more than a year would be removed from the Google Drive storage. The users are supported to back up their chats manually before 12th of November. It is also important to understand that the same would be applicable for the Android users since the iOS users make use of the iCloud as the default application for your chat backup.


It is also mentioned on the site that WhatsAp has even highlighted the media and the messages which are stored as a backup on the Google Drive would not be encrypted. However, the chat backups on the Google Drive would no longer be encrypted for the free storage feature rolls out on November 12. It means that the data which you have stored on the Google Drive can be hacked or breached. “Media and messages you back up aren’t protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive,” WhatsApp mentions in the blog post.

The new partnership of WhatsApp with Google removes the backup limit of 15 GB storage space on the Google Drive by starting November 12. All the data would be stored on the Google Drive and it would not be counted against the 15 GB  quota. Whatsapp even said that the media messages those aren’t backed up for more than a year would be removed.  The company will delete the chats after November 12 until and unless you connect your WhatsApp to the Google Drive backup your data.

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WhatsApp by default stores all the WhatsApp photos and the videos in your phone’s photo application. It automatically saves your chats and is backed up automatically in your phone’s memory. This will continue to happen on your phones even though you connect your WhatsApp to your Google Drive.

In order to backup your WhatsApp data on the Google drive, you need to open Whatsapp and then click on the 3 dots on the top right side. Then, click on Settings > Chats > Chat backup. You can see your last backup date here and can also choose to manually back up your data as well as set the frequency with which you would like your chats to be backed up automatically.

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