What’s the better buy


Buying property is not easy. One would think that with various options to choose from, there might be a home from every need and desire. Picking options are not easy from a fully furnished apartment, a semi-furnished house or an unfurnished unit.

The Mumbai properties offer a variety of price ranges depending upon diverse factors such as location, number of bedrooms, furnished/unfurnished amenities.

If a buyer is considering the purchase of a fully furnished apartment then one is bound to get fitted cabinets, cupboards, water heaters in bathrooms, air conditioners, polished doors, chimneys, lights, and almost all facilities one would need for immediate possession of the house. However, it is important to note that property costs escalate, commensurately with numbers of amenities. Choosing a fully furnished apartment allows you freedom from worries about buying and transporting the furniture, however, you might end up with classic, standard designs. So do a thorough research before you finalise your purchase.

In a semi-furnished apartment, the facilities are available based on the builder’s preferences and time period of possession.

Semi-furnished apartments are mostly preferred as one-time cost covers the property with basic amenities.

Contrastingly, unfurnished apartments are empty housing units. These need to be fitted with almost every internal facility such as home appliances, electrical fittings, sanitary fixtures, furniture, fans, cabinets, lights, among others. In such cases, the buyer has the liberty to customise or design internal amenities such as wooden panels, light shades, bathroom décor as per one’s whims and fancies.

Another option that buyers may opt for a bare apartment. A bare apartment consists of concrete flooring, walls and ceiling only. Simply put, it is a basic construction without any sort of interior work like tiling or painting. It does not have internal doors or any kind of fittings, be it electrical fittings like switches, fans etc. or bathroom fittings. Home buyers sometimes find existing furnished apartments which meet their vision and appeal to their taste.

Buying furnished flat comes with a high budget, while an unfurnished unit lets the buyer customise the interiors, it also turns out to be highly time-consuming at the same time.

The author is Amit Ruparel, Managing Director, Ruparel Realty