What Men Should Wear On a Date?


Clothes are the first thing that catches a woman’s eye and the way you have groomed. Thus it becomes a vital part to consider when you are trying to impress a girl that you are going on a date with. A girl will definitely prefer a guy who is perfectly dressed as opposed to a guy in a slouchy attire.

So here are ways you can dress for a date and dress to impress.

First date

The first impression is always the lasting one, which is why you should dress to kill. You should dress in a manner that it reveals your personality. Clothes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed as the first date will surely make your nervous. If you are comfortable with a t-shirt and jeans then wear them but try to add something of elegance.

Day out

A day out with your date means you may be going out for a coffee, or walk or a movie. Such dates are more for the fun part and getting to know each other better. So for such dates, you need not dress up very elegantly but keep it basic with a leather jacket or cardigan over a pair of jeans.


Events call for dressing up prim and proper. Wear an outfit appropriate for the occasion as a way of impressing your date. For instance, when you are attending a concert, t-shirt over jeans teamed with converse will just rock the looks.


For such dates, you can go for semi-casual looks to exude your charm and stand out from others. Wear a dress shirt and not your regular t-shirt to add suave. Make sure you consider wearing a good pair of shoes that make an impression as well as is comfortable for a night full of food drinks and dance.


For women, a man in a full suit on a first date can be very intimidating. For such a date wear something that is more semi-formal. A neutral shirt with a bright tie will make you look classy. Have a chivalrous attitude and have the perfect conversation with her to sweep her off her feet.