How To Wear Crop Tops When You’re A Curvy Girl


Crop tops are such a cool piece of clothing to have. An outfit with a crop top is damn cute and hot. However, most of the girls wonder how real girls are supposed to wear these midriff baring shirts. Crop tops have been noticed by both high fashion designers and budget friendly chains. Most of the women don’t have the ideal shape of tummy that they would like to flash. However, it shouldn’t stop you from wearing what you really desire to wear.

Heres how curvy girls can wear crop tops.

Loose structure
Make sure your crop top is loose and not body con. This will help the crop top to fit in a flattering manner.

Crop top Co-ord
If you are prepping for a summer outfit then go for a stylish crop top co-ord. It is easily wearable and flatters all body types. If you go for horizontal stripes which go all the way from the top to the bottom, it elongates your shape and covers any area you are worried about. For tall girls pairing the outfit with black sandals or slip on trainers would be amazing. Heels should be preferred for shorter girls.

Printed tops and plain bottoms
If you are pear shaped or basically bottom heavy then you can balance out your proportions wearing print work cleverly. A brightly printed crop top with plain black culottes will keep the eyes drawn to the upper portion and away from the bottom half. For the girls who are heavy from the top, the opposite will work the same way, plain black crop tops with printed bottoms.

Lightweight and long jacket
If you want to flaunt your assets, however, fear that you will display too much skin then a longline jacket which is lightweight will be helpful. It not just streamlines the figure but also makes you look snazzy in no time.

Tailor and play with illusions
If you are not someone who wishes to show any midriff then you don’t have to. Go for a co-ord where the crop top hangs over the top of your trouser or skirt to be in vogue still be in your comforts. Most likely you should go for skirts with black waistbands or maybe wear a belt for a more flattering look.

Go for off shoulders
Don’t back away from off shoulders. Maybe go for long sleeves. This will brilliantly work on girls with smaller boobs!