Ways to Wear All Black without Looking Like You Are Going To a Funeral


Every girl’s number one go-to would be all black outfit. They are easily put together and very flattering. But if you think you are usually in black outfits and kind of looking boring or looking like someone on their way to a funeral then here are ways to wear all black to upgrade your monochromatic look.

Add pop of a print

For accessories that stand out, all black outfit is the best to compliment. If you are not a usual fan of leopard print clothing then get a classic clutch to smartly inject fun into the simple look. If you have a favorite statement bag then bring it out with this all black outfit.

Add a hint of color

So it is not just the bag you can play around with. Silk scarf tied around your neck can be totally flattering for the overall look.

Wear a belt

Add a metallic belt to the outfit or even colored belts. This is a chic touch you give your outfit that pops with all black attire. It also adds extra slimming power to the already complimenting color palette.

Let your shoes stand out

So if you haven’t noticed yet accessories are key to bringing the outfit to life and making it look snazzy. A cool lace heels or even a pair of rad sneakers will make the statement for your outfit. Statement shoes don’t limit to statement heels but also boots and sneakers. So choose what will stand out.

Play with materials and textures

Even an all cotton black outfit looks cool but you can experiment with an unexpected fabric like faux, suede or leather occasionally.

Display slightest hint of skin

Mesh tops can be played so well. It adds subtle sexy details. All black outfit can sometimes make you look all uptight and stiff such changes can look cool and appealing.

Go short and loose

If you go for a mini skirt or short dress then keep the fit on the looser side.

Find a piece of tiny yet unique details

Fringes, tassels anything that has subtle details can make the difference you need from looking mundane.