Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Closet


Usually, our closet is divided firmly into pieces that we wear on a regular basis and the stuff that is reserved for more formal occasions. But to make the most out of your closet you need to let the cocktail dresses and denim jackets live in harmony.

Here are ways you can mix and match and try to optimize what’s in your closet.

Go for the right accessories

Fabrics like velvet, satin, and tulle are sumptuous and may feel too much for the daytime. But know that they can be easily toned down. The things you will need are the right pair of shoes, jewelry and handbag to get a balanced look.

Know your colors

To build a connection between two items of clothing is through color. You can pair a plaid flannel shirt with a sexy lace skirt only when they have complementary shades of the same color. Wear a pair of shoes that is another shade taken from the plaid.

Find similar details

You may have a gorgeous floral dress that seems too fabulous for the daytime because you know it is floor length, with lace and sheer. But maybe you have a jacket or leather jacket that has same patterns or details to compliment the dress and teams up pretty dreamily. Find a connection between and make it work. Match metallic threading with gold pieces, high shine leather with sequins or suede with velvet trims.

Choose more of casual silhouettes

Gather some festive items in your closet that have the expected elements to them such as a heavily embroidered top. Pair the top that looks like a t-shirt to a pair of luxe satin trousers that remind you of track pants. Keep your accessories minimal wear some white sneakers and you will look perfectly balanced for the day.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)