Ways to Style Your Basic Button down Shirts


When someone thinks of bunging on a fun style staple, a basic button down doesn’t top the list. These are mostly saved for the days that call for preppy and formal looks, which is why they mostly stay put, neatly folded away in our closets until one needs them again.

However, maybe we underestimate this not so basic but basic as there is more than one way to style the basic button down shirts. Here is a list of ways you can wear the trusty old shirt from boring to snazzy.

Under a Vest

It is a great option for your formal days. Basic white button down shirts with a vest that has a bold color will be a brilliant combination for your basics or formals.

Under sleeveless dress

Don’t understand how to make use of your shirts then pair them with your sleeveless dress and you will have the trendiest look.

Leather up

Wear all leather with the basic white button down to make it chic.

Tied around waist

Tie a shirt around your waist with your outfit for a casual and cool look.

Untucked with boyfriend jeans

Wear your shirt with boyfriend jeans and perhaps pair it with pumps to take it up a notch and look dapper.

Open and knotted

Perhaps wear a cami top or fancy bralette and keep your shirt open and knotted. Either wear a skirt or jeans for the bottoms.

Under a crop top

A shirt under a crop top can be your fun style.

With overalls

Shirt under an overall can be another go to outfit.

As a cardigan

You can use your shirts as a cardigan to style up your regular outfits.

Wear a shirt over or under a dress

You can wear your shirt over sleeveless dresses or under strapless dresses.

As a dress

If your shirt’s length is quite long, why not wear it as a dress?

Over a jumpsuit

This is the best way to style your shirts as well as jumpsuits differently.

Wear it knotted as a crop top with a skirt

Wear your shirt knotted like a crop top with a skirt. It could be your go to outfit for a dine out.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)