Ways You Can Dress Taller Without the Help of Heels


If you are a shortie under 5 foot 4 and want to look taller here are some clever tips for you to help you fake some inches. You will be stunned how one of them involves wearing flats. Great right?!

V-neck tops

When you wear a v-neck the open upside down triangle makes a focal point up and focuses away from your midsection to give a longer and slimmer illusion of an upper body. When you display adequate skin between chin and chest your proportions seem more elegant.

Monochromatic attire

Wearing a mono hue is a smart way to enhance your body. It creates a vertical line distracting the eye and giving you the appearance of being taller.

Cropped Pant

A hint of the ankle is always flattering. Display of that extra inch or two of skin will give the illusion of your limbs being longer than they are. Make sure the pants aren’t too cropped and anything that is close to a Capri pant is a complete no-no.

Master the cuff

Cuff your boyfriend and straight leg jeans and should land about a half inch above your ankle joint.

Go for flared denim

Bell shapes will create an illusion of a longer leg. Make sure the hem hits the top of your shoes and for this look, you should wear heels. The trick is to keep the jeans slim fit through the leg and the waistband should hit your belly button not any lower. Go for a top that is waist length or can be tucked in.


For skirts and dresses, you should be wearing the extremes either super long or super short. For short girls calf length and knee, lengths don’t work. Mini skirts display enough skin to create an illusion of a longer leg. But don’t go overboard.

Pointy flats

No one can wear sky heels every day with a busy schedule. You can invest in a pair of pointy flats. The simple fact behind it is that shoes with pointed toes elongate your leg line.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)