Virat Kohli’s ‘Honeymoon’ Beard Has the Biggest Hidden Grooming Trick behind It


Everyone admires a healthy fat beard and some of us wish hard to grow it like the celebrities. Most of us have patchy and scraggly beards and too far from growing a great looking beard forget about maintaining it. However, you can still follow some celeb beard tips and tricks. A golden grooming trick has been spotted in Virat Kohli’s honeymoon beard.

They kept their wedding a secret and managed to get married without being disturbed by fans or the media. And the couple later shared the dreamy attention-grabbing much-awaited wedding pictures. Virat consistently looked amazingly groomed in all of the wedding events and now even on his honeymoon.

Take a look at his recent honeymoon picture and beard.

Beard contouring has been a trend globally and men might be following it blindly. However most end up having sharp lines and hard edges making the contoured beards appear obvious. And it actually doesn’t look much attractive.

However, on the other hand, Virat Kohli has managed to take the beard contouring a level up by creating two levels of his messy but well-managed beard. He has kept beard contouring as the basis for his beard routine. The center of his facial hair is longer than the rest of it which makes his face look fuller and compliments his large nose. The shorter length hair on either side of his face defines his face to a great extent.

The lad surely looks like he has a trimmer handy and surely doesn’t need a grooming artist for a trim. He looked smart at his engagement party with fuller and most godlike groomed version of the original beard.

The recently married Virat and Anushka shared this honeymoon picture after their Italy wedding and breaking internet record by clicking soon to be viral selfies.

(Photo credit: indiatoday, indianexpress, ndtvimg, timesnow)