Types of Buzz Cuts Every Guy Should Know


Buzz cuts are casually fun haircuts that usually suit most men. They significantly require no pomade. When getting the buzz cut your barber would ask you what number? This number is the guard on their clipper or trimmer. So all of the buzz cut styles have numerically recognized guard attached to it, that work chronologically like 1, 2, 3, and so on. You need to instruct the barber with the right number to achieve your desired look.

If you plan to sport this haircut or are already then there are types of buzz cuts you should try at least once in the lifetime.

Induction cut

The shortest of all haircuts, this cut belongs to the family of military recruits. For this one instruct your barber to get rid of the guards on the trimmer. This haircut should give you a balanced hair length throughout but not a clean-shaven scalp.

The Burr Cut

This one requires guards on the trimmer as these are slightly longer than the induction cut. As per your choice choose 1 or 2. This one requires constant maintenance.

The Butch Cut

The numbers 3 and 4 will give you this look. This trim set features about half an inch of hair length throughout. You can also go for slight fades on the sides. This cut is a safe bet.

Crew Cut

With the trimmer setting to 4, you get perfect crew cut which is slightly longer in the front and sometimes tapered on the sides and back. This is a good haircut for men with big foreheads. You can use wax or pomade to keep the style set.

High and tight cut

It is the braver version of the undercut however it works with short hair lengths. For the high and tight cutback and sides are trimmed with number 1 or 2, the rest of the scalp is done by 3 or 4. This style is more versatile and adds lengths to a short face shape.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)