Tweeze Your Eyebrows like A Man, Here’s How


You could look very handsome but your unibrows are making you look otherwise. Eyebrows caring is easy, you trim, pluck and sculpt. It is all for good hygiene aesthetic and to look attractive.

So let’s start with how do you shape them and the best way to do it. Ideally, the ends of your brows should be parallel to the corner of your eyes and the eyebrow should start at the nose line. However to still keep things masculine keep some bush intact.

Trim or tweeze

For a fact combine both the process starting with trimming and shorten the length of the hair strands you wish to pluck. Then pluck the strands from the roots or they’ll grow back rather quick.

Let’s get started with the steps

Take a hot shower

A Hot shower will open your pores and the strands will loosen to be easily plucked. You can even use a wet cloth dipped in hot water and place on the brows for few minutes.

Comb your brows

You can use an eyebrow brush or comb or clean toothbrush and comb your brows straight. Begin with the nose line hair which is the starting point towards the temple and comb straight up.

Trim with scissors

Mind you we are not talking about your craft class scissors. Hold the hair upwards using the comb as and when needed and snip the desired length first. Take things slow while you carefully examine the shape of the brow as well. Every strand that hangs out unevenly should be trimmed and now you comb the hair downwards for any visible strands crossing the bottom line of brows.

Prepare for a little pain

This is the real deal, pluck the little strands from the roots. Take the tweezers and pluck out all the strands that grow out of the brow line. Even look out for the hair strands that are independently growing surrounding the brow. Even pluck the strands in the center. Place your thumb at the center and pluck any strands that fall right under it. Don’t aim for a bald patch, you don’t want to lose out on your masculine arch.

Moisturize to finish off

Pamper your brows by hydrating them. Apply some body moisturizer on the area using your fingers letting it absorb into your skin.


(Photo credit: She knows, Amazon)