The Truth On How Often Should We Wash Our Hair



How often should we wash our hair is one of the age-old question. There’s always a debate whether to wash our hair everyday or thrice a week. Few who shampooed their hair every day were told that it is bad to wash your hair every day. And there are even people out there who can make their blow-out last a whole week. So, what’s is the answer to this beauty secret?

We all know that washing our regularly is very important but it’s so hard to decipher what “regularly” actually means. But don’t worry today CB will tell you how often you should be shampooing depending on various aspects. Here are a few aspects you should consider when shampooing your hair.

Hair Type:

Image result for pollution women hairYour hair type really matters a lot. How often should one shampoo does depends on your hair type. If your hair is thicker and curlier you need to analyse how oily your scalp is and how dry is your hair. It is advised by the experts that girls with curly hair type should be careful and not wash their hair too often. It is better if you wash your hair just twice a week. For Those with a straight oily hair, you can shampoo thrice a week to get rid of stickiness and get more volume in hair.


How often you sweat needs to be considered when you are talking of shampooing your hair. For example, if you workout daily, you’re going to need to wash your hair more often to feel clean after sweating. Sweating spreads sebum and make your hair look and feel dirty. It can also cause your hair to smell less than fresh. We suggest you to wash your hair often to get of the stickiness sweat can cause.


Image result for pollution and womenHow many hours do you are surrounded by pollution is one of the questions you must ask yourself. Exposure to pollution and dirt can make your hair rough, dry and tangled. This will eventually make your hair look dull and trigger your allergies. So, it’s better to apply oil  to your hair before washing it if you don’t wanna make your hair look dull and boring. And to protect your hair, you should wear a bandana or a scarf.