Truly Inspirational: He Holds Pen with Mouth, Operates Phone with Lips, and Aspires to Be India’s Stephen Hawking


Tuhin wants to earn a big name for himself in science, shares his mother Sujata Dey. For Tuhin, not being able to control over 90% of his body is not a big deal. He replies to his friends on WhatsApp using his lips and chin with a swift moment. He has a clear goal and aspires to be like Stephen Hawking.

Tuhin who is 17, from West Midnapore district of West Bengal is a genius who is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It is motor neuron disease which reduces the mobility of his joints. He cannot move his arm, elbow or wrist and hence uses his mouth to do things like write with a pen. His determination makes him stronger which is why he has developed a belief that he is self-sufficient. It is notable and praiseworthy that while writing for his STD 10 exams he did not ask for any assistance to write or asked for any extra time.

Just like Hawking, Tuhin wishes to be a cosmologist and to achieve his dreams moved to Kota. He is keen about computer technology and is a self taught expert in C++ and Advanced Java. His parents efforts are also commendable which made his achievements possible. Tuhin’s mother quit her government job so that she could be with him during his preparations to crack IITs in Kota. Even his father who is a real estate dealer moved to Kota for Tuhin. Tuhin’s plan is to study B tech from IIT Kharagpur followed by getting his Masters from Oxford University.

Witnessing Tuhin’s invincible spirit Allen Career Institute in Kota relinquished their fee. Naveen Maheshwari who is the director of the institute states that the institute wishes to promote exceptional talent and offers free coaching so that their talent can inspires others.

Tuhin has undergone 20 surgeries in 16 years however nothing stops him from achieving his dreams and being the best at academics. President Pranab Mukherjee awarded him the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2012, and Best Creative Child Award with disabilibities 2013.

(Photo Credit: telegraph, theweek, india, thefamouspeople indiatimes )