The Travel Essentials Women Shouldn’t Fly Without


Your trip majorly depends on what essentials you bring with you in your carry-on luggage. You can surely purchase alternatives but it may be nothing compared to your favorites.

Here are some travel essentials every woman should not fly without.

Lingerie Bag

A lingerie bag to carry clean as well as dirty lingerie separately is very practical to have. You are able to easily identify the ones that have to be laundered and the ones you can wear and everything stays put.

Mobile Power Bank

You absolutely cannot travel without your portable power bank to keep your phone charged. You ensure never having a dead phone and its compact enough to carry around in a purse. It is more easy and convenient than having to carry around a charging case.

Face Mist

Your skin can dehydrate while in flight and a few spritz of face mist can keep it fresh all flight long. Surely you have the option of sheet masks but you may agree that it is a bit of a waste of time fiddling around.


Never ever forget to pack your swimsuit. Even for a business trip, you may never know when you will get a chance to jump into a perfect pool, lake or river and you should be ready to dive in. Sometimes you might not be able to find a swimsuit in places of small towns or remote areas. The piece you have doesn’t take up much space so just pack it up.

Oversized knit cardigan

You might be always encountering freezing flight rides and your true solution is an oversized knit cardigan. It is easy to wear and doesn’t really take up much space. It’s like a wearable blanket.

Mini Disinfectant Spray

Most find themselves getting sick after traveling and so having an antibacterial spray to spray it on hand can help you get rid of particularly dirty aspects of flight.

Neck Pillow

Get a neck pillow and try it out to ensure that it cradles your neck shape from all directions. It shouldn’t fall to the sides and should be with a convenient package to allow you easy carriage.

Mini dry shampoo

It may take longer for you to have a chance to wash your hair in your whole trip. And so dry shampoo can be your savior and you won’t feel grossed out in your entire trip.

Makeup remover wipes

You should always carry makeup remover wipes. They may not be as helpful as an actual face wash or liquid makeup remover but after a long day or travel when you just want to flop in bed, makeup remover wipes quickly and easily removes makeup and excess dirt or grease from your face.

Fuzzy socks

It is essential to have a really cozy soft pair of socks to put on once the plane takes off. You feel comfortable and warm at the same time.

Hand cream

If you have dry skin then you must carry around hand cream with you. The soaps may dry out your hand even more but hand creams protect your hand without greasing them.

Lip Balm

Many suffer from dry lips and especially in flight. Always carry a tube of lip balm with you to keep your lips supple and moisturized.

Mini Perfume

It is self-explanatory why you would need a perfume around to carry. The mini bottles allow you to easily carry them around.

Sleep Mask

You need sleep during the night travel and so the eye mask becomes a lifesaver for a flight or hotel room.

(Photo credit: Organize it, Amazon)