8 Brilliantly Unconventional Business Ideas That You Can Use To Start Your Own Start-Up In 2018!


A business is only expandable when it has some tremendous scope for expansion. The expansion can only happen when the initial idea is stretched and is scalable to future substances of the market. 2017 has seen a shift of common IT sector to AI and machine learning and biometrics are the new technology on which the entire mobility is spending upon.

Also, the idea of making money in the field of space sciences and ecology have seen making business quite some well.

So, here are 8 unique yet awesome business ideas that you can use for starting your own start-up in 2018:

Data Crunching

The age of big data is just getting started, with many firms eager to stab vast modish databases to accumulate more info on their customers, their competitors, and even themselves. The challenge isn’t just crunching numbers; it’s making sense of them and gaining useful insights that can be translated into a business edge.

Marketing and market research are two growing fields where the use of data is exploding. With the right gadgets and know-how, you can position yourself for this time bomb business.

3D Printing Shop

The basic idea bearing this business is fabricating items in low-cost printers. At this stage in 2017, there is plenty of hype but 3D printers are still extremely expensive. When you need a need a new lens cap? Print it! That’s the idea behind this. That’s the way of the future.

Computer Engineering

A lot of software development is done overseas these days, but the need for high-level computer experts able to tie systems together is still strong. In finance and investing, for instance, high-speed computing is increasingly a prime competitive advantage. And most big companies will need networks that are faster, more seamless, and more secure.

Asteroid Mining Agency

Right now, this idea is slightly beyond sci-fi. The idea underlying this future business is exploiting and exploring space. Since resources are running out here on Earth, the value of rare metals and minerals may someday be worth the cost of lunar or asteroid mining, especially when you consider that deep sea drilling requires investments of billions of dollars. If you realize that everything we hold of value on earth is in near-infinite quantities in space, you realize there will be vast wealth created on the space frontier.

Many entrepreneurs are not concerned with the difficulties inherent in mining an asteroid; as they are already convinced it’s possible and lucrative.


Open bitcoin exchanges in India. Simple! People are earning a lot but where do they reimburse their lottery? You can give them a one-spot destination for encashing their bitcoins and earn back in return! Bitcoin is already a golden goose on the lease. Use its lacking potentials to create wealth.

Body Part Making

With the advent of CGI in cinema, prosthetics are the new gaga of this industry. Open one body part making firm which can fertilize the untapped and unorganized space of prosthetics making.

Marriage Counseling and Therapy

There’s now widespread recognition that mental health is as important as physical health, which is likely to increase demand for professionals in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the need for marriage and family therapists, as one example, to grow 41 percent by 2020.

Car Charging Station

As electric vehicles are coming in, charging stations will be needed as much as the fuel stations. So, open one. It’s cheaper, more productive and requires almost no maintenance.