Disney And Fox Shook Hands For $52 Billion: Deadpool, X-Men And The Fantastic Four To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe!


Okay, so this is official now and has been for quite some time- Disney is acquiring a substantial division of Fox, including its movie and television studios, for about $52.4 billion, as the birthplace of Mickey Mouse tries to battle the competition from technology companies in the entertainment business (like, Netflix).

Disney’s all-stock settlement for the Murdoch family’s 21st Century Fox awards it the studios that deliver movies like Avatar, The Simpsons and Modern Family.

Murdoch will create a new organization to retain the US television networks, including Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and Fox Broadcasting. ‘The Simpsons’ will then recommence to air on Murdoch’s Fox stations.

The venture also carries Marvel characters such as X-Men, Deadpool and The Avengers under the whole roof of Disney. Inference- a bigger MCU having Wolverine, Cyclops and so many other original comic book characters in it.

By controlling these businesses, Disney will be in a bigger position to contend with the likes of Netflix when it launches ESPN and Disney branded streaming services in the upcoming years.

That Rupert Murdoch and his sons were prompt to sell off much of the patronage that has been constituted over decades and that came as a hysteria to the entertainment industry.

Murdoch, who waxed a global media and entertainment domain out of a heritage from his father in Australia, said:

What remains of my family’s business will be able to focus on American news and sports.

During a call with investors on Thursday, Murdoch and his sons reported the motility as a tabulation to the company’s meaty and vigorous origins.

Murdoch’s new company will receive national rights to Major League Baseball, the NFL, NASCAR and college sports through the Fox TV network and cable networks FS1, FS2 and Big Ten Network.

Disney is accepting Fox’s regional sports networks, including the Yes Network exhibiting the New York Yankees. Disney also seizes some cable and universal TV businesses from Fox.

The deal announced on Thursday (on the eve of a major ‘Star Wars’ movie release from Disney)— attains as the entertainment business travels through consequential changes. TV doesn’t have a corner on home entertainment anymore. There’s Netflix, which is using up to $8 billion on programming next year. Amazon is establishing its own library, having dashed out on the global TV rights of ‘Lord of the Rings.’ Facebook, Google and Apple are also advancing in the video.

As consumers pay more time online, TV’s share of US ad spending is blenching. Advertisers are following consumer attention to the internet, where Google and Facebook win the interminable preponderance of advertisers’ dollars.

To combat this trend, Disney is launching its private streaming services with exclusive video to sharpen its ability to compete with Netflix for consumer dollars.

Iger will recapitulate as chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co until the end of 2021. The deal still lacks approval from Disney and Fox shareholders. Ere the buyout, Fox will classify its businesses into a newly listed company. It will also have the Fox studio division in Los Angeles and equity investment in Roku.

Disney will capture a minimum of 39% stake in European satellite-TV and broadcaster Sky. Fox is expecting to procure the rest of Sky before the deal seals so that it could transmit Disney full control following the sale. As a part of this Fox deal, Disney is also acquiring Star India, the dominant home-grown media company with dozens of sports and entertainment channels majorly running in the Indian subcontinent.