Top Secrets To Win A Flash Sale Race!


Plenty of smartphones and other mobile gadgets are now being launched online exclusively by manufacturers. And, some of them go on a one-time flash sale!

Like the Redmi phones are mostly up for a limited one-time sale before going out of stock for next several days.

But the problem occurs when after weeks of anticipation and regular follow ups, you are unable to place your order there.

That moment when you see the product has gone out of stock even before you could book it! 

Reason? The rush.

Just like you, a crowd of other 50 million customers is also in a queue to grab the most out of that flash sale. Therefore, this sudden and high amount of traffic sometimes makes you bite the dust in that one hour of online loot.

But, there are certain ways in which you can definitely stay ahead of the game and grab the opportunity before anyone else does.

1. Register yourself as soon as possible

The sooner the better, but, interested buyers should log in to the dedicated product page at least 10 minutes before the sale starts.

For example, the consumer should log in to the page at least around 11:50 AM or so if the sale is set to start at 12 noon.

2. Pre-Fill your details on the flash sale page

Consumers can ensure that they have pre-registered earlier. If successfully registered, one should pre-fill all the details they need to book the device which includes information like – name, delivery address, payment details – credit or debit card information etc.

This will not only enable them to book the phone faster, but also ensure an easier checkout.

3. Prefer using Digital Payment Wallets

Flash Sale products are not often available for the Cash On Delivery.

And, Internet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card payments take a lot of time due to third-party account verifications.

And at times due to this, by the final stage of the transaction, product suddenly slips away. Because adding to cart won’t just do the trick. The product is yours completely only after the payment is made.

So, buyers should prefer using digital wallets like PayTm, Phone Pe or Amazon Wallet.

These are faster than a Debit/ Credit card due to fewer steps of user verification and highly secured as well. The faster check out would then assure a guaranteed delivery of your desired product.

So now that you know the secrets, we hope it would come as handy the next time you go for a flash sale.

Yes, you can thank us later!