Top Casual Work Outfits Guide for Women to Wear To the Office


You spend most of the time at your office so you definitely can’t settle for an uninspired workwear. Styling is not just reserved for your weekends. Office appropriate clothes mean so much over the time. You have patterned suits to snazzy jumpsuits that will help you look smart as well as fashionable at work.

So here are some casual work outfit ideas to inspire you to wear to the office and help you dress to impress and dress for success.

Patterned suits

Instead of the mundane black tailored suit try the patterned suit. It could feature a tartan print or stripes or florals to spice up your office wardrobe. So it could be a little too casual for a significant client meeting but it can be ideal for a regular weekday. For a more casual and cool vibe, you can pair your suit with a high neck t-shirt and boots. While shopping for one consider slim and structured suits to appear sharp and polished.

Longline Vest and long sleeve top

If you are tired of wearing the same old blazer look to work here is a new option for you. Wear a longline vest over a long sleeve top to work. It makes the outfit balanced and business appropriate.

Turtleneck and Midi Skirt

You don’t always have to dress in a collared shirt and tailored pants. A turtleneck and midi skirt is another best alternative. And together they give the most polished and sophisticated look. Remember to stick to neutral hues and add a pop of one color or pattern to create a style statement. Always finish the outfit by wearing heels to achieve the best look.

Layered Dress

Layering can transform an office inappropriate piece of clothing into an impressive outfit for work. So if you have a pinafore or a favorite weekend dress that you would like to try out for your work weekday then layering can be the best option. Partner your most desired dress with most office-appropriate pieces like the button up shirt or high neck sweater. If your dress is too short and falls at or above knee level you can cover your legs with stockings or knee length boots.