This Is What A Woman Thinks When You Tell Her, You Like Her


The words, “I Like You” are the most impactful three words. You may mean to mess with her head or it is totally unintentional. And did you know these words are a lot more impactful than the words, “I Love You”?

The word like actually changes the dynamics of a relationship more the word love does. The word ‘like’ makes a woman wonder. The possibilities of future, seriousness, the meaning of the word like arises. There’s confusion in her mind of whether you like her as a person, friend or mean to indicate of becoming something more than friends.

‘Like’ could mean anything and everything and also nothing. And because human beings are taught to be positive and optimistic reinforcement making us believe something is better than nothing. And like is something worst a woman associates herself with.

Men consider it as being a sentence that is formed and communicated. However, for women, it is more often than not a confirmation of the fact that you like her enough to say out loud. Yet again it brings out ‘something’ on the table which did not exist earlier.

When you told her that you liked her you weren’t expecting anything to come out of it and it just happened in a moment. However on the other hand for a woman, the time freezes and she keeps the moment on loop. You informed her that you like her. And even it is not a big deal for you it could be something for her or break something.

Liking things are normal, you like your friends, you like a particular food item, you like your office etc. You like the women who are visually beautiful to look at, you like peace and you like to learn new things. There is no emotional attachment but it could be misleading when you say it to women.

You might have not even considered the fact that she associates with the word ‘like’. She believes that now that you told her you ‘like’ her if she were to offer up to you, you wouldn’t mind having her. The uncertainty behind like is that it could be an ‘I don’t know’ with a shrug of the shoulder or could be a wink of an eye or the smirk on the face. But what it usually implies is far from anything to do with the future or the heart.

Sometimes many men like a woman and it mean nothing to her. For her it may be equal to someone’s convenience. It implies never having to make a promise or stand by it for that matter. It is because like is not a concrete word. Like is not enough for her or to you. The word lack and the meaning to it lack responsibility, assurance, and garauntee.

Like to be easily explained is when one would swipe right on Tinder however don’t really intend to do much else about it. Like is when you don’t want to reach the other end. Like is when your options are opened. ‘Like’ doesn’t necessarily have to be something after it. So when you tell a woman that you like her she takes it as a ‘yes, you are an option to me.’