Things You Will Only Learn From Heartbreak


These days we all know how to mend a broken heart. We quickly move on because were the millennials and on the constant hunt for greener pastures elsewhere. The relationship these days are based on conditions and we learn to leave in urgency when things don’t turn out the way we want them to.

We often tend to forget to give our broken hearts some sort of solace and some time to heal it. We are looking for a quick fix when what we actually need is courage. Because each heartbreak has something to teach us and if we take time to consider these and learn things from it we will surely start letting go of negative things in life.

These are things you will learn from heartbreak.

You won’t always get what you want

We have expectations like others have expectations of us most likely in relationships. However, these expectations start eating us up and you kind of wish things remain the same. You want different things but the feelings remain and that’s where you realize that you cant get what you want most of the time.

You cant control or question one’s free will

Free will is an individual’s right to live however they want to and you really can’t question their ways of living. So if a person has decided to split up all you can really do is respect their decision and deal with the consequences. This is the best you can do to foster your inner strength.

Love alone doesn’t help a relationship to survive

A heartbreak will teach you that for a relationship to work or last you will need more than just love. Sometimes you see the foundation tumbling while you still love the person insanely and the person loves you back too. You will need understanding, patience, to maintain the relationship and constantly support each other even when you don’t really understand what the other person might be going through.

You learn more about self-sufficiency

Sometimes we find ourselves relying too much on our significant other. And when that relationship ends its hard to go about the day without their support. At this time you learn to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. You become responsible for your own happiness.

Your goals become clearer

Once your focus has shifted you will begin to see the other things that need your attention. You will learn better to balance out your life with the other important things you should give time to.

You know what to value in future relationships

When a relationship ends don’t blame the person or yourself for things not turning out as you or you’ll plan out. Instead, understand what things were missing and what worked out and apply them to any future relationship that may occur. You learn to grow in and out of everything.

You gain immense strength

We learn so many things through grief. We learn to fight our demons, control our feelings in uncomfortable situations and hence gain a lot of strength in doing so.

You find true friendships

During the testing times, the people around you play an important role. When friends who were there for you while you enjoyed in a relationship not having time for them stick by you when you are going through a heartbreak those friends can be identified as the real friends.

Some doors are meant to be closed

Everything in life is in a cycle. Everything is bound to end one day. However, whatever ends we should learn to not get troubled by them. If someone or something has clearly impacted you in a negative way in life then you should let go of them and never let them back in.

Know that life goes on with or without people or something in life. We just need some time to learn how to and we become wiser. And that’s how heartbreaks teach us this valuable lesson. Feel fortunate to have learned your lesson before falling again into despair.