Things to Remember If You Are a Girl Getting Through Your 20’s


20’s is the period in one’s life when everything feels confusing, you are most disappointed and go through a lot of tough situations. This is enveloped with the feelings of self-doubt and anxiety.

You are expected to be perfect and take responsibility for your actions. However, you are still believed to be inexperienced and unreliable.

Most of the girls have to suffer the torment of people pushing them into getting married. At the same time, you have the pressure of building your own career.

Everyone at this age of time feels the same. So here are things to remember if you are a girl in her 20’s trying to getting through.

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin

Makeup doesn’t define your beauty. Beauty is defined by the person you are. Don’t let the society judge you by your appearance. It is completely your own choice to wear or not to wear makeup. The portrayal of women in the society is all photo-shopped. So never believe those magazine pictures.

Your relationship status doesn’t define you

You do not have to be in pressure of being in a relationship just because all your other friends are in one. You cannot let anything hold you back especially through this time of age. Only choose the things, people, and relationships that bring out the best in you. Make this period all about finding you rather losing yourself.

Life is more than just getting married and having kids

Never take the stress of getting married just because all of the people you know are getting married. Make your own terms and stand by it. Do what pleases you.

You are not a bad person to choose career over family or vice versa

Nobody’s opinion over your life counts, but yours. Start not paying attention to what others say or forget what the world might think. Nothing pleases the world and the world can never be satisfied. All you need to care about is what you need in your own life and you are the best judge of the decisions you make in your life.

Life is not perfect so prepare yourself for some disappointment

Learn to stay calm and strong in times of difficulty and adversity. Solve the problems yourself and never run away from them. Learn how to deal with your inner demons.

Need help? Ask for it.

You are not weak or less capable just because you asked someone for help. You gain more knowledge by asking others to help you out. Help won’t come running to you, you need to voice your need to get some help.

It’s okay if you feel lost

You are probably one from the many others who feel lost and don’t really know where they are headed. It takes some time to figure out what you want. For some, they have already known what they want from life but some they have only begun to learn about themselves.

Failure is not the end of the world

You have just started and there is so much to learn. One single failure should not bring you down but should push you to try harder. Mistakes happen only by the ones who are open to learning. You will surely reach your goal if you never give up.

Always stand your ground

Have strong beliefs and stand by it. Stand up for yourself. The people around you will not believe in you as much you believe in yourself. But if you know you are doing the right thing that is all that matters.