Things You Should Never Change About Yourself for Your Partner


When we look for a partner it should be about finding someone who accepts and loves us for just as we are. You are setting up for a heartbreak if you try to find anything less. Here are things you should never feel compelled to change about yourself for your partner.

Your relationship with your friends and family


Your partner will at least try to like your friends and family if they really love you. That means they won’t have pouty faces when you call them for a family meal or no sarcastic remarks when discussing your friend’s ongoing issues. You can’t give away your relationship with your friends and family in order to keep a relationship. They shouldn’t be the one forcing you to pick sides, your partner should be as included as anyone.

Your imperfections

We all come with a set of baggage, a unique particular set of flaws that shape and define our lives. A partner who is worth your time and energy will embrace single inch of you even the imperfections. The cracks will begin to show if your partner doesn’t recognize that you both are imperfect. The shoes left in the middle of the floor and the dishes in the sink exchanging thoughtless comments will eventually become impossible to ignore.

Your values

Never compromise your core values. Love only lasts between two people who are transparent and true to who they are. You cannot be someone you are not just for the sake of a relationship to last because it’ll become tiresome and weary. Changing your beliefs, spirituality, family, self-respect or economic security to match up or impress your partner will only generate resentment.

Your goals in life

Its good to have shared dreams and goals for the future but it shouldn’t supersede your massive life goals. Your goals should comingle and not compete. You should have a supportive partner if you are more of a career-oriented person.

Qualities that are also your uniqueness

When your friends introduce you to others what do they have to say about you? You are kind or considerate or a quick-witted funny person. Whatever it may be you should let it shine and never dull for the sake of a relationship. If the other person criticizes it or things something about you should be fixed to consider the relationship a big red flag.

Your passions

In favor of couple time, you might be compromising with something you are passionate about. Going to a club, or helping out a nonprofit maybe working on your hobbies. Your relationship with your partner might one of the greatest for you in life but putting aside your passion will incomplete you as a person. Your partner should be the one encouraging you to focus on such passion and interests. Involving in the activities you are passionate about will light you up and in turn benefit in a happy relationship. Never give up something that gives you personal pleasure.