Things Men Should Know About Shaving His Legs


Hairy legs can be great, you know some women even dig it, is a natural coat for winter and maybe an area to use your trimmer or razor. But you should know there are cons too. Your quest for speed trimming can leave you with cuts and nicks. However, there’s more you should know about shaving your legs. Here are few things you should know.

Night and not morning

Most don’t care what time they shave it. But shaving your legs in the night will leave your skin smoother. Because when you sleep your legs will swell up naturally making the hair strands retreat back to their follicles. So it is beneficial to shave before bedtime.

The right razor

Opt for multi-blade razors to reduce any chance of cuts while shaving. Use the ones with four or five blades for best results. If you find the blade dull or faded of its moisturizing blade, replace it.

Shave with the grain

Don’t shave the legs against the direction of the hair growth. Shave downward strokes first and then upwards to remove all unwanted hair. Also, don’t shave at one place over and over again. Come back later ok.

Be careful with the shins, back of knees and ankles

Your legs have a lot of twist and turns. Certain patches of skin on the legs are too sensitive to cuts. Bend your knees to pull out the skin. Even out any surface where you want to shave on.

Exfoliation is advised

Gym beasts and athletes usually get their legs shaved and they’ve got to. Exfoliation is a vital part of shaving. You need to kick off all the dead skin cells and prevent dirt sticking to your razor and also to shed the skin that traps hair.

Keep your razor parallel to the shin

Shave parallel to the surface of the shin to avoid any cuts. Go upwards from the ankle to the thigh.


Life can become easier if you trim the length of the hair to a bare minimum before striking the razor.