The Great Health Benefits of being in Love


Being in love is an awesome feeling, a feeling like no other. It brings butterflies in eyes, glitters in the eyes, and also makes your heart skip a beat. But other than these things, when a person falls in love he gets several benefits out of it. These benefits do not only make a person happy but improves health too.

Who doesn’t want to be in love? The person you love is the perfect example of love, as he knows what you want and how you want. Now check out some scientific benefits of being in love:

Happy life

Being in love makes a person happier, but according to the research it is revealed that this is stronger than it seems. A study shows how happiness depends on quality of family relationships than on the income earned. And therefore it is concluded that power of love is more than the power of love.

Longer life

It has been revealed in a study that the people who are married have a longer life. As married people live longer because they feel connected and loved.

Healing is faster

A positive relationship has the power of making flesh wounds in healing faster. A study showed that the wounds of married people healed two times faster than those who were single.

Less Cold

We have already studied that the people in love relationships face less stress, depression and anxiety which boosts up the immune system. It is believed that the love couple are less likely to catch cold or flu viruses.

Low stress level

Being in love not only makes a person happy but is also beneficial for an individual’s mental health. It helps reducing stress level which results in a stronger immune system.

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Natural Pain control

A big fact that has been proved is that the couples of long term have more activated brain and it keeps pain under control. It has also been noted that married people experience less pain whether it’s the brain or the head or any other part of the body.

So, while you celebrate this Valentine’s Day, all you need is love, especially when you are looking from a health perspective.