Reel to Real Life: Tapsee Pannu’s “The Wedding Factory”


Always on a go, having a zeal to achieve whatever she wants and pioneer in her field. From a successful actor to now taking up a challenge of being an entrepreneur, our very own engineer at hear girl, Tapsee Pannu is ready to come out with flying colours even with her entrepreneurial venture into wedding planning.

Taapsee has held hands with her companion Farah Parvaresh and her sister, Shagun Pannu to begin “The Wedding Factory”. As wedding organizers they need to give an invigorating background that matches international standards and is within a budget too.

Taapsees’ concept of an impeccable wedding is one where the visitors absorb the feeling and reclaim a specific memory of how they felt and not exactly how extraordinary the food tasted. “We believe every wedding should have a unique story to present,” says Pannu.

And the unexpected happened: Films!

Born and brought up in Delhi, initially an engineer who planned to do MBA post that, she made her debut on silver screen in 2010.

Taapsee describes herself as a hyper active person. She is very different as an actor and as an entrepreneur. As an actor she calm and composed but as an entrepreneur she is very impatient in terms of getting immediate results. But she is extremely happy and proud of the fact that she has recovered her initial cost in the first year of her business only. Post-demonetization they got a huge step-back as demonetization took place amidst the wedding season and it incurred her huge loss as well. But, now they are all stable.

Pannu even gave a shot to modelling, as she wanted to earn some extra bucks for her shopping and movie ticket costs. Her six months into modelling gave her the certainty that she was able enough to earn her living single-handedly the way she had always wanted to. It likewise brought the acknowledgment that she was not intended to make her career into a standard 9 to 5 job. Therefore, she ditched the Infosys position and chose to give MBA a shot.
But destiny had some different plans for her in store. She could grab hold of a few good offers from South filmmakers and since then there has been no looking back. She has 17 movies in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil in her kitty.

The Wedding Factory

An entrepreneurial venture into wedding planning was a decision of a flow that she was following. Adroit at multi-tasking, she chose to seek it in a way that it was exactly her cup of tea. She has firmly believed that
What attracted her to this sector is the belief that there can never be any recession when it comes to weddings. It is a sector that provides not only a creative space but involves smart and strategic thinking and execution.
The business mantra they plan to follow is to, “work backwards from the client’s budget because we don’t believe in over burdening the client with our demands.”

The Trio

Talking about her two accomplices she says, “Farah has been working in this industry for many years. I have known her for as far back as 8 years and she is a standout amongst the most inventive and stunning individuals I have known. My sister, Shagun has experience in event management. So they were the perfect choice.”
Taapsee has been heading and dealing into the creative decisions and marketing. Not focusing onto execution strategies that pours out time for her to even concentrate onto her acting career and do justice to her profession, which she has chosen by choice.

While the three young ladies bring their own particular networks and contacts to a table, together they from a durable gathering that according to Taapsee, “helps us to convey a balanced outcome.”

By Sugandh Bahl