Take Note: Sources Of Income Of An Average Millionaire!


Who doesn’t fancies the life of a millionaire? They are a breed of humans which is super rich, extremely intimidating and ruthlessly influencing.

Now, as a survey recently was conducted, some common sources of income are found that every single millionaire posses in this world.

Here are they:

Affiliate Marketing

This is the one that a number of people who have a million dollar bank balance online focus on. The key to this is providing value. Affiliate Marketing is where you promote a product/service and receive money if someone purchases that product or service.

Property Investment

This is one of the key methods to grow a millionaire’s income. This provides them with two methods of earning the income whilst doing no work: The first one is the guaranteed rent they will receive each and every month. This allows them to budget as it provides with a stable income every month, and doesn’t have the peaks and troughs mentioned above.

Capital Gains

Another method is via capital gains. Property is a long-term investment and if you own your property for 20 years you are likely to get a significant return on that property. Property in India has doubled in value in ten years. This is without doing anything, simply holding the asset and renting it out.

Investment and Peer to Peer Lending

This is one of the most passive ways to earn income.

They simply invest in the fund that is right for them and watch the money grow. Of course, investments may rise as well as fall, however, if they think of it as a long-term strategy the investments do increase in value.

We are all an expert in something, we all spend our time doing something at work. Whether you realise it or not someone is wanting to learn those skills or someone is in need of those skills.


A truly passive income once they’re launched. Millionaires tick over slowly making me a few cups of coffee a day. Millionaires have a habit of reading as books take them to a sub-reality check and add to their knowledge base. They invest this knowledge to create value and make a goodwill that will, in turn, make a profit.