Success Story Of The Founder Of Intex : Narendra Bansal


Founder of Intex Technologies ‘Narendra Bansal’ once used to take photographs in Delhi’s Birla temple and sell it by sticking it in key rings. But starting from just 20,000 rupees with his own knowledge and hard work he reached his company at the peak of Rs 6,200 crore. Today, his net worth is Rs 8,000 crore (2019). In 2015, his son and Director of Intex Technologies, Keshav Bansal, bought the IPL team ‘Gujrat Lions’ and named it to another Achievement of the company.

Narendra wanted to be an Entrepreneur from the beginning but instead of joining his father’s work, he wanted to make his own identity. When he was in college in the 1980s, there was a lot of demand for audio-video cassettes. Narendra took advantage of this opportunity and purchased audio cassettes from the wholesale market and started selling them in the local retail market like Palika Bazar, South Extension and Chandni Chowk.

He realized that, from the degree of commerce, he won’t get enough money. There was no investment in it because he was simply fulfilling the orders of retailers. With this work, he was getting good profits and they started earning Rs. 2,000 -3,000 every month.

After graduating in 1986, he started earning Rs 8,000-9,000 a month from the business, this amount of money was quite large at that time. In September 1994, he started his company “International Impex” with an investment of just 20 thousand rupees in Delhi. This company imported floppy disks, ethernet cards, and other accessories. During these three years of work, he also made contacts in markets like Korea and Taiwan. At the same time, he started assembling computers and started offering sales service to the customers.

Within a year, the turnover of his company reached 3 million. He later added consumer durable products like a multimedia speaker, DVD player and home theatre to his business. In 1997, he had great success with the Intex Home Theater System and after that, the company has never looked back and in a few years, Intex Technologies became one of India’s big IT Peripheral Company. Narendra Bansal recognized the market trend at the right time and made an available cheap and good product to the people so that he reached this position today.