Stylish Sweaters to Own That Look Chic and Keep You Warm


Winter dressing can be tough. There are times you have to juggle between sweltering heat and biting cold weather. We are confused about whether pick the most fashion-forward outfit to wear or go for something cozy.

Here are some stylish sweaters that will not make you choose.


These sweater styles that are slouchy but in a dignified way. Pair them with anything from jeans to high waist skirt depending on the pattern.


This is a great sweater to be tied and accentuate your waistline even in the cold weather.

70’s stripes

Stripes are evergreen and for this season keep it groovy with some stripes from the 70’s style. Wear it tucked in high waisted jeans for the amazing look.


If you are not a fan of stripes you can go for spots. Patterns are a great way to show variety in a piece of clothing.


As cute as it gets this piece can become your favorite pullover with some extra fluff. With the latest trend of pom-poms there are many types of options from the sizes to color of the pom-pom sweaters, that don’t make you look anywhere close to funny.


More like a muppet chic, this is for those extremely cold weather and when paired with fitted pieces will look amazingly flattering.

Half zip

This is a ski-inspired silhouette, which looks very effortless and keeps you cozy. These pieces can be worn for the trendiest occasions and can be paired with leather skirts to jeans.


Fringes have been so in trend in almost all kinds of pieces. The whole blanket concept is brought to a whole logical conclusion.

Graphic text

For those who love graphics, they can incorporate that into their winter wear as well. Good old graphic text sweater like the graphic tee can be worn for your weekend outings without giving them any second thoughts because of they effortlessly classy.

(Photo credit: Pop Sugar, Pinterest)