Style Mistakes That Are Making you Look Fat


Even with all kind of knowledge about styling, it can be difficult. It requires, focus, efforts, trail rooms, exercises and choosing the right color palettes and the right pieces for your body type. However, there are simple tricks and tips and a little sartorial know-how which are bound to help you with styling better. We all don’t have the perfect bod to flaunt yet if you have the perfect body or something close to overweight the least you want to look is fat.

Here are style mistakes to avoid that are making you look fat.

Baggy or skinny jeans

Baggy jeans make you look bigger, broader and doesn’t flatter any part of your body. At the same time if anything skinny fits your legs like a second skin aren’t your assets. Slim fits are the best.

Horizontal stripes

If there’s a horizontal line moving from left to right your eyes will move in the similar direction and make things appear broader. Vertical stripes are rather best.

Tucking your shirt into

Most of the times you have to for formal and professional occasions. But it might be something that highlights your problem areas. Tucking your shirt into contours your stomach area and bound to highlight the odds.

Ill-fitted suit

Anyone who is a corporate honcho or even not should invest in a well-fitted suit. If your sleeves are too long or trousers are too wide get some tailor’s help. That extra fabric on your suit is adding in extra bulk on your body.

Wearing too many colors

When you break the body up with too many colors it only brings focus on every corner of your body. And if there are flaws in some areas it is like throwing the spotlight on it. Try and stick to one color all over or shades of the same color. The best would be to go for only dark colors.

(Photo credit: restartyourstyle, thedistilledman, lookastic, Pinterest)