Some strange facts which are considered offensive in different parts of the world


World is a charming place with great traveler points and beautiful locations all around. As much as you travel, more you get to know about diverse cultures, their lifestyle and people. Here we will tell you some strange facts which are considered offensive in different part of the world.

Here is how you have to behave in these 15 countries:-


  • One shouldn’t call anyone by their first name, do it only if someone else uses their first name with you.
  • Talking about Sex in mixed company is considered wrong there.
  • Do not get Impatient, hardly anyone or anything is on time.
  • Don’t disrespect religion; maximum part of inhabitants over there is religious.


  • As per the Germans, one should not wish happy birthday before the actual day, they believe in superstitions that if wished before birthday, that person might die a sudden death.
  • Do not become over friendly with people because their localities take time to open up with people, so possibility is they might offend your over friendly behavior.
  • Don’t share anything you might be considered uneducated or a person with ill mentality.
  • Do not do the Nazi salute; you can be arrested if you try doing it as it is considered a crime.

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  • Do not behave cheaply; join only if you can pay for yourself at a Pub.
  • Do not attempt an Irish accent because for the Irish there is no such thing.

United Kingdom:

  • Don’t invite anyone to your home until you know them well.
  • Don’t ask how much money someone makes, ask other questions instead.
  • Don’t jump in a queue as it is offensive there.


  • Don’t blow your nose or pick your teeth in a public place or a restaurant as it is considered impolite
  • Being drunk is seen as a disgrace.


  • Don’t assume that the people support everything that the government does as the Russians often criticize their government.
  • Most of the places only take cash; therefore don’t rely on credit cards.
  • Don’t give anyone an even number of flowers as this is done only for the departed soul.


  • Norwegians are informal therefore don’t expect special treatment.
  • Attending church is considered rude; therefore don’t ask people about it. Most people don’t even attend churches.
  • Do not stare at naked people, Norwegians change clothes in front of people and people should look away.

New Zealand:

  • Not wearing shoes is very normal in New Zealand.
  • New Zealanders take the Queen of England, Lord of the rings and Rugby very seriously


  • Mexicans love when you try to speak the language or participate customs
  • They have great sense of humor therefore one should not be offended.
  • Mexico is developing countries hence don’t patronize people.


  • Don’t great people by hugging them, the localites don’t like it
  • Do not tip it’s out of culture


  • Their French culture doesn’t focus on teaching other languages, therefore they don’t like English
  • Talking about money is a taboo


  • Don’t make physical contact in public, it is considered offensive
  • Kissing in public might land you up in jail


A woman smokes a cigarette, May 30, 2011. Israel moves toward smoking bans in public venues, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet approved Sunday a series of amendments and new regulations aimed at stepping up efforts to curb smoking in the country, in honor of the upcoming international no-smoking day Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90. *** Local Caption *** òéùåï
  • Littering, eating on public transport, smoking, spitting and feeding bird are things which not get fined.


  • Do not raise your thumb, index finger and middle finger all at once, you will be mistaken for a Serbian nationalist.


  • Manners are really formal in the country and therefore don’t eat from hands.