Sort your Career worries with these Questions


If you are not satisfied with your daily work at the office or whatever you do to earn your living then it’s time for you to self-reflect on your life. You don’t need anyone to introspect your life, you would rather have to take a pen, and a paper to jot down the answers of the questions which are arising in your head about your existence.

Writing down is the best way to know what is wrong and what is coming between you and your success. Points such as:

Why have you been successful so far? What has majorly helped you in your career?

Start by jotting down all your skills your positive points which have helped you be where you are today. It may include your willpower or your dedication or it can also be a group of friends who have helped you achieve success.

Where would you have been if you had not made those mistakes?

Who doesn’t make mistakes? Everybody does and its a part of life. But the important thing out of this is to learn from its mistakes. It can be a wrong company, a wrong choice of career, a gap between education or between jobs. Mention everything because of which you couldn’t succeed and all the obstacles which came in between.

Where your future growth comes from or where do you see yourself in the near future?

Now that you have already mentioned all your mistakes, it’s time for you to change gears and picture where you will be in the coming three years.

If you had more resources, money or time, how would you invest them to reach your desired goals?

Now imagine you have more money and time and now think how can you utilize it in the best way. The reason for doing all this is to jot down everything and then try to fulfill it, even if there is less resource or money. One can find several ways to deal with situations and achieve your goals.

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Are your strategies good enough or are you suppose to make changes to them?

Do you think you are doing everything just to achieve your goals? Mention things which are hindering you to achieve what you want. Think if you need to take lessons or coaching for these things. If yes just do it.

What habits should you replace?

Think of habits you think you need to replace and find solutions to replace them. Think positive and do as per requirements. Make it a goal to be accomplished.

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